(15 CEP, 6 CPD)


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We also can conduct Radiation Safety Training for Radiation Protection Officer (RPO), Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS), OBTL, Radiation Worker or anyone who involved with radiation sources. This training is mandatory requirement for RPO, RPS and OBTL as stipulate in AELB ACT section 304. By attending this training, participant will earn 8 CEP (3 CPD)  for 1 Day Radiation Safety Awareness  and 15 CEP (6 CPS) 2 Day Radiation Safety Refresher.


The course of a series lectures covers the topic approved by JKKPPS with a minimum of 8 hours of interactive slide presentation, mind mapping, infographic, safety video and quiz content with 20 questionnaires. These includes as below:

•         Atom Structure.

•         Measurement Unit Activity and Contamination.

•         Tools and Radiation Measurement.

•         Biological Effect on Ionizing Radiations.

•         Principles of Radiation Protection.

•         Protection of Radiation Effect.

•         Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1984.

•         Safety Control Procedure.
•         Emergency Plan & Control Procedure.

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