Reshape, Reskill and Upskill

List of Soft Skill / Upskill / Technical Training

We also provides various type of training to assist the industry train and retrain their professional workers and staff to upskilling, reshape knowledge, understand the risk of HAZARD and safety at work, learn and practice a good manner on safety and health “Do” and “Don’t“. Below.


We know the industry needs and we understand the challenges and skills needed by the industry to upskill. reskill and reshape the knowledge and competency of their workers. We have train a lot of customer from various industry customized to suites their specific enviroments.


Below for some of the list of training we deliver to our client.

If the training that you are looking are not listed in the above..

Please contact us to find out more topic & training that we can deliver. There is a lot more training that we provide to clients based on the needs. Feel free to reach us.